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Massive Thank you to all that attended the RATinfestation. Mega mega thanks to The incredibly hard work of Jonny Wah Wah A big thank you to Matt the soundman and the brilliant staff. Amazing John Clark and all the bands that participated Respect for all the goodwill and humanity that was on show there. Really proud to be part of it. Lovely Steve was taken ill with two hours to go🤮, I rang Chaz to warn him, he said “oh no worries, do you want to play guitar or bass?” Unflappable, supercool glorious Jack and chaz were fucking awesome and I had a fucking brilliant time. I love my boys, I am so so lucky to be playing with such a fantastic set of people. Steve re-covering so all good As Somebody said Predatur the Motörhead line up What the fuck ! - it was a punk gig after all Roll on the spirit of ‘77

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