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It was only fitting with a brand new line up that we finally got to make a new record, in the way we've always wanted. Sorry about the wait but we hope you think it'll be worth it.

When Jack, Steve, and I were initially working on the Harley Songs, the first one or two times we ran through the tracks, something really exciting and spontaneous happened. This was hard to recapture once we knew exactly what we were doing. So the plan for the new album was two fold.


Firstly, find a studio big enough so that we could record like a band would have in the early 70's. Big open space, room mics, and the entire band all playing live in the same room at the same time. That's right, no DI's, and everything miked up at the same time, including the bass cab. Subsequently all the mics would be picking up all the other instruments through over spill. The idea was to record to DSD on a Genex, as close as recording to tape as we could get.


Secondly, to literally learn the song, there and then, and record it first or second take. If this didn't work out we would go away, think about it, and try another take another time. Pretty much most of the songs were done in one or two takes. Four of them literally were the first take! Chaz played lead guitar live within the tracks, so we couldn't change anything. The only overdubs are on a few tracks where we wanted a different or specific guitar sound. We wanted to recreate a 70's recording environment to try and capture a sound that we felt was a cross between Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac, Ma Kelly's, and The Moody Blues.


The plan was also just to release it on vinyl. As we were really trying to create a 70's recording environment, we also wanted give people a 70's playback experience. Most of us remember the excitement of getting a new album, pouring over the sleeve and listening to the tracks for the first time. It was a very different experience to the way music is listened to now. We want you to sit down, listen in a darkened room and relish those moments. So, it's on vinyl with a gatefold sleeve, eight page booklet, and poster. The first 300 copies are numbered. A Hi-Res download will be available on the 8/12/18. The album is available for pre-order now, shipping late November 2018.


We had to pick a direction.

We chose backwards.

It's not old school

It's the only school.



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