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In Your Garden - Review

11 years ago today the second Predatur album ‘In Your Garden’ was released.

It was recorded at Park Studios Bracknell and featured an Awesome sleeve designed and painted by the Mighty Ruud Antonius and also included photography by The Chief and The Duck.

I recently discovered a Swedish review ( by looking at my own Facebook page📷😬)and asked our lovely and excellently talented friend Micke Laakso to translate for us. Thanks Micke hope your feel better📷❤️📷❤️📷❤️📷💋📷💋📷💋📷😆📷😆📷😆 So here’s the review ( I especially like the Bit about the track Thank You📷☺️ So translated from the original Swedish by Micke Laakso

The review 📷👍

A completely overwhelming love at first sight, or rather the first listen, struck me gratuitously recently in my digital presence when I discovered a link with the for me unknown English group Predatür. They are from Reading, sixty kilometres west of London, having a classic set consisting of two guitars, bass and drums. Although Predatür, formed in the late seventies, have been more or less active for over thirtyfive years, there are only two full lengths with the group. It would last until 2004 before they debuted with "Mean" and 2007 came the follow-up "In Your Garden", which deserves to pay attention and buy pronto! The cover photo's fine semi-psychedelic fantasy painting, with a partially peeled orange containing planet Earth instead of pulp, testifies more about thoughtful depths than the explosively extended arm of Status Quos heyday like Predatürs "In Your Garden" offers. Of course, it must be something special when a band and a disc keeps you awake after four o'clock in the morning. In the bed, graciously laughing at Predatür's high-octane, superb pub rock - for that's what I call songs like "When My Girl", "It's A Drag", "Work It Out" and "All Gone Wrong" - that seems to have been inspired by mainly Status Quo and Thin Lizzy, but also Wishbone Ash and Blue Cheer. With boogie-swinging "In Your Garden", "Song For Lotte", which is a freakbeat mixture of Nirvana and Iggy Pops"'Lust For Life"-period, and "Thank You", Predatür shows what musical width the group possesses. Besides Swedish The Maharaja's brilliant "Into The Unknown", "Thank You" is the best David Bowie never wrote during his Ziggy Stardust era. Those who consider themselves in need of music therapy should soon purchase "In Your Garden". It is completely impossible to resist the positive energy that both Predatür guitarists Baz Barry and Mick Hughes intense "pinky-finger shuffle" and laughter stimulating guitar slings evokes.

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