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Thank You Crossed Guitars!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019


Thank you Crossed Guitar’s

Thank you Jan Martin

Thank you Arjen DeGraf

Thank you Eppie and Yolanda

Thank you Yan and Caroline

Thanks to Dustyne for the driving

And Trammers for the company

Arne, Prosti, Karen, Jo and Petra, Pete, Adrian,Ron, Eggi, Tracey, Bruno, Crazy Bastard Jan 😆VFB, we love you. Ester, Brenda you are amazing😍

To everyone that was involved, supported, participated

Thanks for the humanity, the love, the encouragement, the passion and the compassion.

Across all of Europe we are united in our mutual love of Music and respect for each other, we do not see divide only warmth and lasting and deep friendship, acceptance and tolerance.

The Crossed Guitar Festival gives us all of this.

Spiritual home of Predatur

A very special place

We are both humbled and proud

It is a privilege to be part of this years most excellent line up - awesome set from Status Quotes.

A gallery of the show is available on our media page.

If you have any submissions to add to the gallery, please send them to

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