Predatür 2007

First Airplay for New Tracks

The first track from the new album to receive public airplay will be played exclusively by "MrMudMann63" on AiiRadio at 11:30 PM (GMT) Wednesday 25th April and by Micky Spectrum between 4 and 6 PM (GMT) on Thursday 26th April. You will require REAL PLAYER to the live stream. Micky also invites you to join him in the Chat Room.


New Album Launch!

To complement the imminent release of the new album an all new Predatür website will be launched next weekend which will include the final unveiling of the new CD. The album will be available the following weekend at the UK Launch on Saturday 5th May. See our Gigs page for more information...


The End of an Era...
(Photos courtesy Zwarte Cross 2006, Suzy Q & Gundogg)

After three years as a full-time band member Bassist Glen Potter is no longer part of Predatür.

It was back in 2003 that we decided to reform the band and Glen was an integral part of getting the band together again. What followed was some of the best years that we can probably remember in the last 30 years.

The band would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Glen for his hard work and contribution to possibly some of the most memorable times in the history of the band, so far. We certainly acknowledge his participation during his time with the band.

We feel confident that you will join us in wishing him well for the future and continue to support him in all his future projects.

Personal messages are welcome and can be posted on the Predatür Forum where Glen himself has generated a post. You will find it within the General Posts section entitled “Goodbye”.


The New Album

The band is now in the latter stages of mixing the eleven songs that will be included on the new album. Further details of its release and the new line-up will be announced shortly.


Isn't it quiet??...

You'll be pleased to know that no news is good news however, as it's far from quiet in the Predatür camp at the moment! I can reveal that the first of the tracks on new album has been mixed following some major set backs over the last month or two - not least of which was Baz's persistant flu playing havoc with the vocals! Although Baz sounding like Lemmy might have been interesting...

We've news of some awesome gigs lined up for 2007 on the way - both home and abroad - so stay tuned for all the latest info!

Desk Mick



On a sad note, we regret to announce the tragic and sudden loss of Darren 'Wiz' Brown on Wednesday 6th December 2006. Further details can be found at the following link where messages of condolence can also be submitted.


Xmas Pred-to-Pred with Eng!

 Due to circumstances beyond our control, we're sorry to have to announce that we have a serious problem on our hands. On Saturday the 23rd December 2006, Predatür will be playing The Packhorse in Mapledurham in a last minute change to their December schedule.

Unfortunately, this means that they go up against the mighty Engelbert Humperdinck who is playing at the Lakeside Country Club, in Surrey the same evening. I know many of you will be lucky enough to have tickets to see Eng. but for those of us whose tickets were eaten by the cat, or simply lost in the post, there can be only one alternative - a Barry Manilow DVD right??

For details see our Gigs page...

Welcome Home Mrs Tramline..

On behalf of every one that has the privilege to know and love you happy homecoming Mrs T - we all missed you!

You're a fine looking woman and a fantastic human being (sorry about the bloke who insisted on being in the photo we did have him thrown out soon after..)


Arne, Arne!

Picture courtesy

Thanks to Arne and Railroad for a truly fantastic weekend in Hamburg.
We know you had loads of help :- great bands, great sound crew, great bar staff, great lights, great food, great venue and a truly fantastic international crowd, but without you it wouldn't have happened. You're a star and we wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Thanks to everyone who traveled thousands of kilometers to be part of it, you made it something really special we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the unsung heroes who lent a hand, backline, door security, drivers and all the staff at the hotel.


Eternal Thanks!

Predatür would like to say a massive thank you to organiser Ludy Wetzl for making us feel so welcome and treating us so well at the Eternal Rock Fest.

We would also like to thank the hundreds who supported the show - the first one of its type - and a special thanks to Mario and the crew of cybersound for being the best crew in Europe. It is and will always be a privilege to be part of such a great event.

Picture by Susie Q


The Preds Hit The Studio!

I can now reveal that recording has started on the eagerly awaited new album due out later in the year. This week the band made a return visit to Park Studios (where "mean" was recorded) to start to lay down their new tracks. Ably assisted by our friend Damon Sawyer, early indications are that everything is going well and sounding great!!  

Predatür DVD Available Now!

Thanks to our good friends at Association QuoFrance there is a new Predatür DVD available. Recorded live at this years Quoparty in February it contains twelve live tracks from their set including both 'mean' classics and soon to be released tracks from their upcoming album.  The DVD really captures the spirit of the event and the video quality is truly amazing. To get your copy visit the QuoFrance website here.

Don't forget to check out the Quoparty 2006 DVD too for more of the best boogie around - and Predatür performing some true Quo classics.


New Galleries Online

As you may remember, we mentioned a while back that we are working hard on an all new look for the Predatür website using 'Flash'. As the first of these updates I am pleased to announce that we have introduced some new galleries of this years Zwarte Cross Festival. Let us know if there are any problems getting them to work, and your comments are always welcome. We have big plans for the rest of the site including more galleries so watch this space!!


Bon Voyage...

... to The Chief and The Duck at

You may already know that Patrick and Chrissy have relocated to the good old USA where they hope to further their photographic success. Their work is fast becoming recognised over there and we are sure that you will join us in wishing them good luck in this exciting new venture. Meanwhile we want to keep their latest European work fresh in all of our minds, so keep your eyes peeled for live Predatür at Zwartecross 2006 shots coming soon to this website.


Other News

Baz finally got to ride his new bike its a Triumph Daytona 955i 3-cylinder sports bike.
"I sold my racing BMW to try and get something slower, but I couldn't find what I wanted so got this instead. It's even faster than my BM and does about 165mph" - not that Baz ever goes over 30 mph officer!



A big 'Hartelijk Dank' to all of you that came to see us last weekend. With what must have been record attendances in both Zwarte Cross and Cafe1913 we were overwhelmed by the support and hospitality that you gave. A special mention must go to Damon, without whom neither of the gigs would have gone ahead and who managed to perform exceptionally well under the most challenging conditions.

We have a number of superb photos waiting to be compiled and we'll be uploading a gallery or two shortly. If any of you took an interesting picture that you'd like to share, please forward it to our usual email address. Predatür also made it onto live Dutch TV during the Zwarte Cross set and we're currently trying to track down a copy for the website.

It was a highly eventful and memorable trip for the band and we're looking forward to hearing your reviews and stories from the weekend too, so if you have a tale to tell please take the time to log in to our forum and share your experiences.

A Storming Success!

For those of you that were unable to make it to The Flowerpot on the 15th, you missed something really special. In light of recent 'drummer issues' it was touch and go whether the band were going to be able to play this gig at all. In true Predatür 'the show must go on' style, up-and-coming local drummer Jack C. stepped up to the mark and agreed to make a guest appearance. At such short notice and after only a couple sessions together, the question on everybody's lips was 'can they pull it off?'.

Those of us that know Jack well believed that he had a performance in him, but even we were blown away when he nailed the opening number 'End of the Road' to the delight of the energetic crowd. Short on time due to an over-run by their support band 'Teal', they only managed to complete a truncated set, but those tracks that did get an airing were played with unparalleled energy, enthusiasm and a freshness that made it a night to remember.

The crowd were left chanting 'We Want Jack' and wondering whether we have seen a future face of Predatür. In the meantime, Jack will return to his own band 'Palindrome' to put a few more gigs under his belt knowing that all of the time and effort that he has put in over the past two weeks was highly appreciated by the Predatür fans. Thanks Jack!

Important Announcement

Over recent weeks a situation has unfolded beyond our control. We regretfully announce, on the eve of our European summer gigs, that Simon Baker has unexpectedly left the band. However, despite this surprising turn of events, we will endeavor to fulfill all of our contractual obligations so do not panic. NO gigs have been cancelled. Future plans remain intact at present with the recording of the next album still scheduled for sometime this autumn.

To help us to do this in the short term we have session drummer Damon Sawyer joining us for the European dates in Holland and Belgium. As some of you may already be aware, Damon engineered and co-mixed the Mean album and is very highly rated within the drumming community and certainly more than capable of being thrown in at the deep end. For the gig at The Flower Pot in Derby, as the time scale was very limited, we have coerced Jack C, Baz's stepson, to participate. Unlike Sven who took an unknown player to the World Cup and then didn't have the nerve to use him, we will be taking an unknown player and we will be using him. Jack is a massive Russell Hunter fan so this gig is likely to be a unique experience for all of us.

On completion of the summer gigs we will be reviewing our options and looking for a permanent replacement. Applications can be made as of now, although auditions will not be held until mid August at the earliest. Applicants can contact us via email or approach us personally at any of the gigs. Demo CD's are also acceptable.

We are confident that we can count on your support and patience. Your support has always been superb and it is our greatest intention not to let anyone down or mar your enjoyment of mindless boogie.

See you on the road.


Flash of inspiration

Predatür would like to pay tribute to one of the all time greats and an inspiration for their new album. Lets not forget that boogie has been around since the 40's! - and Lightnin' Hopkins was master of his art.

"Once he was playing, he would almost slip into a trance and a blues stream of consciousness would come pouring out, making him nearly oblivious to what was going on around him. Sometimes he would stop altogether and start talking the song instead of singing it. At best the rhythms would pick up speed or slow down; the musicians would desperately try and readjust by which time, Hopkins would have changed it again." 


For more information please visit:-
Big Road Blues

To hear some Lightnin' please click here:-
Coffee House Blues.mp3 (circa 1947)

Eternal Rock

With your diaries already overflowing with the best shows in town, it's time to add just one more - and this one is a stonker. Thanks to a good friend of ours, Predatür have been invited to play with some of the best live rock bands around in a festival of Eternal Rock. Headlining the festival are the legendary Y&T - veterans of the industry fronted by guitar legend Dave Meniketti. Other bands include Vengeance, Freedom Call and Powervice. A truly awesome line-up and not to be missed! For more information, please visit our Gigs page.


On the Radio...

This week sees 'In Your Garden' reach number #4 in the AIIR Radio top 40 having gone straight in at number #7 last week. Not bad for a track that hasn't been released yet! Its the live version recorded by our friends in Hamburg a few months back since the official version will be appearing on the upcoming album. To lend your support and your vote, please visit We'd really love to have a fourth number one!...


On the Road...

A new date has at long last been confirmed in Derby on the 15th July. At present, this will be the last UK gig before the Zwarte Cross / Frieschepalen weekend that we're all looking forward to. Don't miss out!

With a busy summer ahead, everybody is running around planning and organising for the upcoming gigs both home and abroad. Baz has just purchased a new van for the band - which should make traveling with their gear much easier. The down-side is that he is now short on parking space, so he's looking to sell his trusty Mondeo, and people carrier - if anyone is interested, please get in touch :o)


Quoparty 2006

Predatür would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who made Quoparty 2006 such a memorable and successful event. A new gallery will be opening shortly!

The venue staff and sound crew, Daffy for being everywhere we looked during our set, the camera crew (for being discreet), Dave for alerting the Sound Engineer to the fact that the main vocal channel was switched off (!), Marc for remaining calm and choosing the fastest talking French woman in France when asking for directions in Billy Montigny, those of you who pitched in with the merchandise stall, MacDonald’s (a la France) and the Port Security who decided not to search Simon’s Drum Cases for contraband or illegal immigrants. A very special mention should be made for the very kind and considerate French motorists that we met during our journey to Billy Montigny!

Colin and the boys for their unique and quite superb set of acoustic Quo songs got the evening of to a great start and set the pace and atmosphere for a great evening ahead. This really demonstrated that classic Quo songs could be played in any style, which is indeed the mark of a good song.

System Quo delivered a very interesting and exciting set of great Quo songs that peaked with a truly spine-tingling rendition of 4500 Times that captured the excitement of when it was a new number in the actual Quo Set List! Yes some members of Predatür are old enough to remember this! Olivier had a very special Parfitt Telecaster which we enjoyed taking a close look at. A good band that we should see more of.

Predatür are extremely proud and indeed honoured to have been asked to Headline this event and hope we did not disappoint anyone. We had a lot of fun despite some technical problems, but hey, that’s Rock and Roll. The highpoint was seeing people from several nations coming together to enjoy themselves having a common bond for a unique style of music. Thanks to all of you (French, Dutch, German, Welsh, Belgian, Spanish, English, Scottish, Cheshire types, sorry if we missed anyone) who travelled great distances to join us in this celebration of music.

We met a number of fantastic and truly dedicated people; we hope to see you all again some time. Old friendships were affirmed and new ones forged. Also, nice to see one or two Kilts aboot the place too (Has Baz become a trend setter?). One of them was even Leathür! We were impressed.

Needless to say, post-gig the Novotel was buzzing and thanks to all those who plied us with alcohol and stopped us from getting to bed! Thanks also to Colin for keeping us all amused with his endless anecdotes and stories.

But a very special BIG thanks to our hosts, The French and the greatest living Frenchman of them all, Monsieur Bruno Ponchon, a truly huge MERCI BEAUCOUP!

We hope you all had as much fun as we did and we can only say, if you missed Quo Party 2006, make sure you book tickets for Quo Party 2007.


News Update

Predatur are currently working on songs for the new album to be recorded later in the year. These will include 'In Your Garden', 'When My Girl' and the old Tramline classic 'Over the top' as well as some ideas that have been pushed to one side with all that's been going on over the past year.

Baz would like the opportunity to say that Mick and himself have been rehearsing with 'The Man' himself John Coghlan with the view to playing some rarely heard Quo songs details of these gigs will be announced on John's website at This obviously will not effect Predatür as all band members have several musical commitments outside the band and enjoy a privileged position in the world of boogie, but it will give people a chance to see Baz and Mick outside of Predatür.

UK Predatür dates are being booked for April / May for London and Reading and also an exclusive Aiir Radio interview for Feb / March. Simon has recently become the owner of a Gretsch kit with a 26" bass drum - so be very afraid! -
and Mick has recently acquired a '62 Gibson Melody maker and losing his SG Junior in the process. He says that as Baz already has 3 they have more than enough juniors in the band (the Melody maker is the guitar that Robbie Krieger used on the first Doors album and we have seen one hanging on Mr Rossi's wall!).

Message Board

Due to popular demand, we've decided to trial a Predatür message board. Hopefully it will become a useful resource for all of you that like to meet up when coming to our gigs, and provide a space to chat or pass on directions etc. Feel free to post reviews of gigs that you have seen, and we may even use them on the site! The board will of course be monitored, and we reserve the right to remove any messages are deemed unsuitable. Any problems or comments please let us know.

 The 'mean' Album

September 2004 saw the release of the long-awaited Predatür studio album "mean". It includes new recordings of Take A Walk and Seen You Here, so those of you who cannot afford the original single at collectors prices on ebay, fear not. The album comprises of just under 60 minutes of Predatür classics, including re-recordings of the original single and some new songs.

The album has been very well received, so far. Some of the messages we have received have been posted on the dedicated "mean" page. The album is now available at gigs and via the website. Click on the 'Shop' button on the left-hand menu bar to find our Paypal feature.



News - Flash

Apologies should be made for the lack of updates to the Predatür site in past weeks. This is due in some small part to the fact that - in line with popular requests - we are in the process of designing a whole new multimedia Flash-based site to be compatible with a wider range of browsers. Rest assured that things are far from quiet in the Predatür camp and next year is looking to be very interesting. We will of course make sure that all new gigs and news will be posted here as soon as it is confirmed. Normal service will resume shortly!



Take a Walk makes it a hat-trick!

This week sees 'Take a Walk' finally drop out of the AIIR Radio top 40 after the maximum allowed eighteen weeks. Incredibly, this makes it the third Predatür track from the 'Mean' album to make it to Number #1, and the third track to make it into AIIRs Hall of Fame joining both First Time and Crazy.

A big thank you to Mickey and all those at AIIR for playing the tracks, and to all those of you that have voted over the past year. For more information, and to listen online please follow the link on our Links page.


Photo Albums

If anyone out there has any Predatür memorabilia, photo's, memories etc, we would like to hear from you with a view to adding more pictures / info to the site. Please use the contact page to send your message.


If you would like to be kept up-to-date with the latest Predatür news and gig information in your country, we have a newsletter. If you would like to be added to one of our mailing lists, please use the contact page.

Thank you to all those who have expressed a world wide interest in the band.