The "mean" Album

Featuring the tracks:

End Of The Road

First Time


Seen You Here

Movin' On

Take A Walk

Mind's Made Up

Need Your Love

Some You Win


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Friar Street, Reading,
Berks, RG1 1JL.
Tel: 0118 9599959

"Go on, take one, what harm can it do?" Les McQueen (Crème Brule)

Feedback from some "mean" listeners:

Hi Chaps,

Well I finally picked up my copy from Mick this week, straight in my car CD. Dark night, country lanes "End of the Road" blasted from the speakers, the shivers down my spine, the huge grin on my face, just kept driving around until the Album finished. I'm absolutely over the moon with the reworks and new material. And that Simon Baker solid, reliable beat makes me shudder. Not to be forgotten great guitar work Mick & Baz, and Glens thunderous bass playing brings it all together. I also enjoyed singing along with Baz, I do know most of the words, well someof them. I hope this is going to be massive, It's about time!! Look forward to seeing you all very soon. Rock& Roll. 

Your Pal, Sam Savin, Reading, UK (Predatür Drummer 1978-83).

Hi Dudes,
At long last, the album.
"mean", well what can I say?
On par with The Taps, Shark Sandwich.
Easy listening at its very best.
Well done chaps, kin brilliant, every ones a winner babe.
Shit hot tunes, Great sounding guitars, Simons awesome drummng, Glen's coool rockin' bass, oh, and Baz's vox.
Loved it. Love you all.
Pete Knight, Somewhere in Dorset UK (Predatür Bass Guitar 1988-95)

Mick, Baz, Glen and Simon,
Thanks for a great gig on Friday, excellent sound and set.
I think the CD is the dogs and the 'bright' sound really sets the songs off.
Really love the CD and all the tracks have transferred well from the stage to the studio.  
You can't beat Predaboogie.
Once again, great stuff and see you around somewhere soon. 

Paul Morgan, Staines (UK)


I've played 'mean' several times over on the train home and since I've arrived home, it's been on and off the player since. There's not one single song that I don't like - and that 's unusual for me.  This CD is definitely going out to the car with me.  Hopefully the photos I took will come out so I can flash them about as well.  I've GOT to get you guys up to Scotland.  Look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. 

Tracy Turner, Fife, Scotland 

Hi Guys,

I saw you lads for the first time on Friday night and can only describe your performance as awesome!! I had no hesitation in buying your CD at the interval and haven't stopped playing it all weekend. It's just great!!  Best wishes and thanks again for a great night on Friday.

Brian Nuttall, Bolton, UK

Hi there,

Someone just sent me an audio of your song "Some You Win" What can I say, brilliant... Must admit that I've never heard of Predatür before, so I searched the net and found your website!!!

Keep the faith




Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the gig on Friday, and how much I am enjoying your album "mean". Blimey mate I've been playing it non stop - driving the wife mad - and it really is superb, there's some blindin' stuff on there, been trying to pick a fave and I can't. The last 3 Pred songs perhaps have stuck in my mind the most at the moment, Mind's Made Up, Need Your Love and Some You Win. Classic stuff mate, have you got a fave off the album yourself? I'll be recommending it to anyone.

Let me know when you're gigging again too.

Mark Davies, Leicester, UK.


Hi, Twod here!

Just heard your new CD, "mean"! Now that's what I call music! Fantastic work. I hope this does well matey. Can't stop playing it. My personal favourite at the moment is "Some You Win" but having said that, they're all great. Nice performance the other week at Heywood too.

Many thanks
Twod (Mark)

Have to say it is brilliant, and no keyboards!!! Just raw rock n roll and boogie.

Andy, UK

Got it yesterday - thanks - and have had it on in the car ever since.
Unbelievable stuff, why did no one tell me about Predatur before!
Thanks to Security and Cubby for letting me know
Allister Mulligan, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

A copy seems to have found it's way to Belgium. It has been played once, pretty damn loud, and it will be played again and again and again.

Patrick Cusse, Belgium.

My Predatur CD has arrived! First impression - very impressed with the quality of the cover, the colours, the pictures and the overall set out, very professional! Track nine Some You Win the vocals are excellent on this one and track ten the bonus track well what can I say other than get a copy and you won't be disappointed .

Kim Hochkins, Birmingham, UK.

Well ............... it's a week since I got my copy of 'mean' ......... oh, what a joyous day that was. Thanks to Paul for the quick turn-around - I never expected to get it so soon.

Basically, what I wanted to say has already been said ......... I can only echo previous posters!

This is a seriously good album .......... the best I've heard for years!!

It brings back memories of the old days when that other band (?) brought out an album & you knew it was going to be a rocker & you'd have to play it straight through & then repeat the tracks that had jumped out at you on first listen ... days we'll sadly not see again, but hey ............
What really surprised me was the fact that I twice got the 'Quo-tingle' down my spine as I listened to 'mean' .......... and like everyone else, the smiles just kept coming ... and still are.

My initial favourites are Crazy, Take a Walk & Need Your Love ........... Which is understandable as I just love the Quo boogie style but I'm serious in saying there really isn't a bad track on it & most are exceptional.

Need Your Love is surely destined to become a classic worldwide ......... I mean, somebody must surely spot Predatur & see the potential. To top it all they've got a really distinctive vocalist in Baz AND a great talent for song writing!

OK I'm waffling on a bit but I don't apologise for that .......... I'm blown away by this album ... I've waited years for this ... thanks lads.

This CD hasn't left my cd since I got it, that’s how good it is. Love it!!!
Long time since I felt same kind of enthusiasm over music, but "mean" has succeeded.

Phillip Pownall, Nottingham, UK.

I can't get over how good "mean" is!!! Love every single track, but as I have said before, Need Your Love knocks me out!!!

Lisbeth  Svensson, Sweden.

I have to say everything that has been said about "mean" is bang on. Bloody marvelous bit of kit. I think some you win is my fave at the moment, but they`re all good.

This cd just gets better the more you play it. Fabulous stuff..

Mark Cantellow, March, UK

We must have listened to it 10 times in the car today....AT LEAST...
Well done lads.
Hope everyone contacts you to buy deserve to sell all the copies in days and having to be printing more it is SERIOUSLY GOOD.

Sue Williams, Poynton, UK

Yep have to agree with everyone, the predatür album "mean" is a good one. Tracks Need Your Love and Some You Win are 2 tracks that I like. A good rockin album.

Kenny B. Accrington, UK  

What a blast !! Got your "long awaited" CD at Patrick Cusse's bash in Belgium last friday. Suzi Q told me about Predatür, I had no clue who she was talking about !! so the CD was running during the party breaks ( STATE OF QUO was playing for Patrick Cusse's birthday) and I said to myself: Hmm! It sounds very good.
On my way back to France ( I drove from Paris to Gent where SOQ was playing), I have listened to your "mean" CD many times and guys , this CD is HOT. Spirit, sound, sometimes voices, it is amazing !
So Congratulations for this hard piece of work. I am very happy now that I know you, Predatür, and that I got your Cd..I am going to spread the word to many fans around my country, I promise and I really wish to get to see you soon on the road.
Keep the good work. Let's Rawhk !
Cheers from France
A new Fan
Bruno Ponchon, Paris, France